About Us

We are Food Cellars your local market in LIC over decades, we take your dollars and put them back into the local economy, we have been supporting our local businesses, we have been paying local taxes which help our schools and first responders, we have been supporting our local community by donating a portion of our profits to local charities and now we are on a mission to change the way that you do your grocery deliveries because we know better than anyone that our local family deserves the best! 

We believe that we live in a time where everything is at fast phase environment and your time matters more than ever so do your grocery deliveries…Here at Food Cellar we aim to do your grocery deliveries more reliable than ever! We assigned you a personal shopper who are trained and committed to giving you the best produce, meat, deli and other items and your personal shoppers will contact you with any questions about your order or instructions or if an item is unavailable. 

And the best part is you order Same-Day groceries from Food Cellar and get the same prices available in-store, including all sales, special offers. Scan products in your pantry to build your lists, saving you time and making sure you get the same products, even when having the store shop your order. Choose from a wide selection of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, vegan items, refreshing drinks, cleaning products and pet supplies. 

Use your past orders to quickly select and order your groceries, leveraging your favorites, order history and recommended items. Just browse the weekly ad or the entire store, select your items and order for pickup or delivery, where available. 

View information about products, including pictures, descriptions, ingredients, instructions and nutritional information. 

Now we are here over 10 years and committed to take your grocery deliveries in another level with the best customer service, and support experience you deserve. We care because we have been part of the community. 

Let’s keep it in the neighborhood… 

We are committed to provide you the best possible customer service you can receive. 


*The Best Customer service: Call anytime, talk to real customer service representative in store 

*Have your personal shoppers: Your personal shoppers are trained and committed to giving you the best produce 

they are available to be contacted about any questions you might have. 

*We are part of your local family over a decade therefore we know you the BEST 

*1000+ Products: Choose from 1000 of items. The same prices available in-store, including all sales, special offers. 

*Seamless payment 

*Retail Prices: We ensure that you get the same prices available in-store 

*Contactless Delivery: Your Health is our priority. We Follow CDC’s Covid-19 Guide Lines to ensure you the best possible service.