French's Dijon Horseradish Stone Ground Mustard 5.7 Oz

Crafted from #1 grade mustard seeds, horseradish and savory spices, French’s Dijon Horseradish Stone Ground Mustard is a boldly-flavored condiment that wakes up your meals. Perfect as a sandwich spread, dip, as well as in salad dressing. The stone ground texture and tangy taste of this must-have condiment is just right for spreading on hearty roast beef sandwiches, bratwurst and burgers. Its zesty horseradish flavor adds a lively kick when whisked into homemade vinaigrettes or swirled into mashed potatoes. This versatile mustard also makes a great party dip for snacks, chips and pretzels. French’s is dedicated to making condiments that taste great and you feel good about serving.