Cattlemen's Mississippi Honey Bbq™ Sauce 18 Oz

For a full-bodied barbecue experience, slather Cattlemen’s Mississippi Honey BBQ Sauce onto all that you are grilling. The smooth sweetness of real honey complements the flavor of natural hickory smoke, tangy vinegar and robust tomato. At Cattlemen’s we’ve been creating barbecue sauces with distinctive regional flavors for over 65 years. Our Mississippi Honey BBQ Sauce delivers unstoppable flavor with sweetness from honey, balanced with vinegar and tomato paste, and finished with hickory smoke. It’s wonderfully versatile – brush on when grilling pork, chicken and vegetables, use as a sauce for pulled pork, or as a dip for fried chicken or wings. Made with no starches or fillers which means better coating and authentic flavor for your barbecued meats.