Welch's Dried Fruit, Cranberries & Spiced Apples 6 Oz

Whole cranberries & cinnamon apple bursting with sweet natural goodness. Since 1869. 1/4 cup = 1 serving of fruit. Welch's has created a delicious combination of whole cranberries and diced cinnamon apples. Picked at its peak, they're bursting with the true fruit flavor you've come to expect from Welch's. Cranberries & spiced apples are a unique blend of sweet and tart that helps everyone in the family enjoy the healthful benefits of real fruit anytime, anyplace. Just a quarter cup provides a full serving of fruit! Pop it into a purse, briefcase or lunchbox - it's perfect when you're on the go. Since 1869, Welch's top priorities have always been quality, taste and goodness. Thank you for the trust you put in Welch's.