Rosetto Cheese Ravioli 18 Oz

Stuffed with good stuff. Steamed to perfection in bag! All natural. Rosetto - No. 1 brand of frozen ravioli, brings something even more special to the table - Rosetto all-natural Steam 'n Eat. Just pop the steam bag into the microwave. No boiling water, no mess, no clean-up and no waste. All-natural fresh frozen pasta gently steamed to perfection - from freezer to microwave to table in just minutes. Healthy eating has never been this easy - or this delicious. Steamed to perfection to retain flavor. All-natural cheese ravioli stuffed with the good stuff - the finest and highest quality all-natural ingredients. Fresh-frozen for peak flavor. No artificial flavors, colors & preservatives. No artificial sweeteners. No hydrogenated oils, no trans fat. Steam Fast - the perfect microwave cooking system. Rosetto is committed to providing quality products.